Sophisticated and beautiful, a true home away from home... in the blue, youthful Gulf of Salò. As a guest here, in the Marina dei Canottieri, you have the feeling of being in the centre of town, and at the same time out of town.

Discreet, chic and captivating - just like the water of the lake;

as good as the smell of homemade bread... cuisine inspired by the local flavours, with hotel parking, swimming pool, Wi-Fi, Sky, a smile that is always ready to welcome you...and much more.

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Hotel Bellerive

Situated on the promenade of Salò, Hotel Bellerive has 50 rooms, suites and apartments. There are many different types of accommodation, with views and unique luxuries, for a sophisticated experience, giving you the chance to admire the colours that the Gulf of Salò regale every day of the year.



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